Free, Comprehensive Testing

Before any hearing treatment begins, a free, comprehensive hearing test is the first step. Our team of audiologists and hearing specialists uses a computer-driven audio testing system. Along with your interview, your test results show us any difficulty hearing in real-world situations.


  • Differences between each ear
  • Overall frequency response
  • Consonants and sibilants
  • Word comprehension
  • Background noise

Getting You to Say “I CAN HEAR”

American Hearing Specialists experts in latest technology

Digital Hearing Aids

Our audiologists and hearing aid specialists stay current on advanced hearing aid technology.

Free 7 Day Trial at American Hearing + Audiology

Absolute Free Trial

We allow you to try new hearing aids absolutely free for a week without obligation or money down.

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Price Match Promise

You get the right hearing aids for you at the absolute best price, and they are programmed correctly.

For all those moments you should hear

A full hearing evaluation is your first step on the way to better hearing.
Hearing Aid Testimonial Quote

“Staff was friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I learned more about what my hearing tests actually meant and/or told the tester… After the (1) one week trial I was so pleased to be able to “HEAR” I did not want to go another day without them!”

– Billie E.

Where “I CAN HEAR” Is In Our Name

American Hearing + Audiology

We help people live better through better hearing in the Kansas City, Lincoln, and Omaha areas. For a free hearing screening in Mission, KS, our audiology capability is unmatched. We professionally fit and program hearing aids from Phonak, Lyric, Oticon, ReSound, and Starkey. All of our hearing care providers care deeply about helping you manage your hearing loss, at the absolute best price, so you can live life to the fullest.

Testimonial Quote from Patients of American Hearing + Audiology

“Best service and best prices! It’s nice to know that some people still actually care. They definitely appreciate your business and back their products and services.”

– Lee C.

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