Maintaining good ear hygiene is essential for all hearing aid users. Excess earwax can lead to hearing problems and even affect the functionality of your hearing aid. It has the potential to block tubes, clog receivers, and even penetrate the hearing aid itself. Prioritizing ear hygiene is crucial for hearing aid users, as it can prevent a multitude of issues.

Meet the Audiologist’s Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit, your reliable companion for hassle-free ear hygiene. This kit is a must-have for all hearing aid users, as it helps prevent earwax buildup, which can lead to hearing problems and impact the performance of your hearing aids.

Our comprehensive kit includes a 1/2 fl oz bottle of drops and a soft rubber bulb ear syringe, making it user-friendly and effective. The instructions are conveniently printed on the package for your convenience. This kit is designed to be easy to use, allowing you to bid farewell to earwax-related concerns without hassle.

Experience the simplicity and safety of Audiologist’s Choice Ear Wax Removal Kit. It’s the perfect solution for softening, loosening, and removing excessive earwax. The package includes a 1/2 fl. oz. dropper bottle and a bulb-style ear washer. Application is straightforward – just tilt your head, apply a few drops of the solution into the ear, and keep your head tilted for a few minutes. Optionally, you can use ear putty or cotton balls to prevent the liquid from draining out of the ear. If desired, gently flush the ear with warm water after several minutes. Embrace optimal ear hygiene effortlessly and maintain your hearing in peak condition.

For occasional use as an aid to soften, loosen, and remove excessive earwax.

  • Doctor recommended as a safe and cost effective alternative for ear wax removal, managing excessive ear wax build-up or secretion.
  • Formulated with 6.5% caramide peroxide to soften and loosen ear wax for removal.
  • Eliminates dangerous cleaning or probing the ear canal with cotton swabs or other objects.
  • Liquid formula flows deeper into the ear canal to help remove deep blockage and promote efficient draining.

Recommended for ages 12 or older.