Feeling Stressed?!?!

April is National Stress Awareness Month – and as your hearing consultants we feel it’s only fitting that we should educate you on the impact hearing loss has on you stress levels.

Anyone with hearing loss will tell you how stressful it can be to try to enjoy a social setting, and background noise, nearby conversations, and other distractions only make it worse.  This stress doesn’t only affect people with a severe hearing loss,  even people with a mild hearing loss experience an increase in cognitive load, or the amount of mental effort used in a certain activity or situation.

A study in April 2014 announced a correlation between hearing loss and an increased risk of depression in adults. This is particularly true for those between 18-69 years of age.*   Other research shows a correlation between untreated hearing loss and other physical, mental and emotional health issues that diminish the quality of life.*

Talk about stressful! And not only does this affect the individual dealing with the hearing loss but we continuously hearAmazing-sleeping-dog-wallpaper-HD-wallpapers-03032015-441-1024x768 from spouses and loved ones the extreme stress it puts on them as well.

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