Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with Us!

Experiencing hearing loss can be overwhelming. Nearly 1 in 8 people have some degree of impaired hearing but only a third of people who could benefit from treatment actually receive it. Untreated hearing loss symptoms can take a toll on communication, relationships, social engagement, and overall health. This highlights the importance of treatment which can transform the trajectory of everyday health and quality of living. Visiting an audiologist is the best way to learn more about your hearing health and treat any symptoms you are experiencing. Audiologists are experts who have extensive training in ear and hearing-related issues. Seeing a neurologist can help transform your hearing health as well as your daily life!

Importance of Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing health is integral to overall health and wellness. Though hearing loss is the third most common health issue people live with today, it is often undertreated. It takes an average of 7 years for people to address symptoms. Living with untreated hearing loss has multifaceted effects that impact all areas of life. This includes:

  • Strained communication: symptoms like tinnitus (ringing or buzzing noise in the ears), sounds being slurred or muffled, and difficulty hearing in places with background noise can make it challenging to have conversations. People can struggle to hear what others are saying which affects how you can participate comfortably in conversations.
  • Effects relationships: strained communication can also take a toll on relationships. People often report feeling unheard or ignored by their loved one with hearing loss. Conversations can be restricted, cut short, and even unpleasant which affects quality time. Even doing simple activities like watching TV together can be challenging. This can produce frustration, distance, and tension in relationships.
  • Increases health risks: extensive research shows that untreated hearing loss can increase several health risks. This includes cognitive decline, accidental injuries, and depressive symptoms.

Treating hearing loss can prevent these outcomes which have a major impact on daily life. Treatment also strengthens communication, improves relationships, enriches social life and boosts health. The best way to seek treatment is by seeing an audiologist.

Who are Audiologists?

Audiologists are healthcare specialists that assess, diagnose, and treat conditions related to the ears and hearing for people of all ages. This includes hearing loss, balance conditions, and inner ear disorders. Audiologists provide a range of services and solutions including:

  • Hearing loss: audiologists conduct comprehensive testing to identify your hearing needs. Diagnosing hearing loss involves thoroughly assessing your hearing capacities to establish type and degree of hearing loss.
  • Hearing Aids: these electronic devices are the most common treatment for hearing loss. An audiologist uses their expertise and knowledge of hearing technologies to help you navigate your hearing aid options. 
  • Balance disorders: audiologists also provide testing and solutions for balance issues.
  • Tinnitus management: tinnitus is a common hearing loss symptom but it can also be experienced without underlying hearing loss. Audiologists offer tinnitus management plans which can include sound therapy.

Audiologists go through extensive training including a master’s degree in audiology. Many audiologists today also have a doctorate in audiology (AuD). This substantial training provides a breadth of knowledge and experience that allows these specialists to provide quality care.

Benefits of Treating Hearing w/Audiologist

  • Expertise: In addition to substantial education that audiologists are required to obtain, they also have to fulfill licensing requirements. This includes receiving licensing from a national association as well as state licensing which allows them to practice audiology. This involves high levels of expertise which demonstrates extensive knowledge about ear and hearing healthcare.
  • Experience: Audiologists also have extensive experience that allows them to thoroughly provide accurate diagnoses and effective solutions. This includes having significant experience of the latest hearing technologies (hearing aids, assistive listening devices, accessories etc.). They work with leading hearing aid manufacturers and are able to use their expertise to recommend devices that are optimal for each patient.
  • Individualized care. This level of expertise and experience allows audiologists to provide individualized care. They tailor treatment to meet your specific hearing needs. This differs from big box stores or buying hearing aids online which use a one size fits all approach.

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