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Broken Arrow, OK Hearing Center

Step into a world of attentive, personalized hearing care at our hearing center in Broken Arrow, located on the east side of 145th Street/Aspen. Here, we tailor hearing solutions to fit your unique needs. Our team of warm and dedicated hearing care experts offers more than just devices – they provide a comprehensive suite of hearing services. Join us in your journey to better auditory health and discover how we can make a difference in your life.

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Our Broken Arrow Location


505 S Aspen Ave.
Broken Arrow, OK 74012


Monday – Thursday, 8am – 5pm
Friday, 8am – 1pm


*Must be 13 years or older to book online.

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Dr. Karen Fernow


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Hearing Center in Broken Arrow, OK

Embark on an adventure towards better hearing with American Hearing + Audiology at our hearing center in Broken Arrow, OK! Your professional hearing services begin with a complimentary consultation, setting the stage for our expert audiologists to begin detailed hearing evaluations. We tailor solutions to your specific auditory challenges, offering an array of services from cutting-edge hearing aids to tinnitus treatment and ear wax removal. Dive into our unique trial program, where you can experience the latest devices from renowned brands like Starkey, Unitron, ReSound, and Phonak hearing aids – all with a 7-day, no-risk trial. Our commitment extends beyond the initial fitting, with continuous hearing aid support that includes cleanings and adjustments. Choose between the affordability of our Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan or the flexibility of pay-as-you-go options. Opt for our all-encompassing hearing care and step into a world of optimal auditory health.

Common Questions at our Broken Arrow Hearing Center

What is mixed hearing loss? 

Mixed hearing loss arises when damage affects the ear’s conductive and sensorineural systems. The conductive system carries sound waves from the outer to the middle ear, and the sensorineural system transforms these waves into electrical signals for the brain.

I’ve been wondering how to improve hearing. Is there anything I can do? 

Maintaining your hearing health is vital for clear communication, social connections, and overall well-being. Although age-related hearing loss is common, you can still take measures to enhance and safeguard your hearing.

  • Shield your ears from high noise levels: Long-term exposure to intense noise is key to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Wear earplugs or earmuffs in loud environments such as concerts, firework displays, or around heavy machinery.
  • Control earwax accumulation: Overabundance of earwax can obstruct the ear canal, reducing hearing. For safe removal methods, consult a healthcare professional.
  • Address ear infections quickly: Ignoring ear infections may lead to hearing impairment. Get medical help if you notice ear pain, discharge, or hearing problems.
  • Lead a healthy lifestyle: Eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep benefit your overall health, including your ears.
  • Be cautious of ototoxic medicines: Some drugs, including certain antibiotics and diuretics, can harm the inner ear. If you’re using such medications, talk to your doctor about alternatives.
  • Regularly check your hearing: Having your hearing tested frequently by an audiologist can help catch any changes early, allowing for prompt action.
  • Explore hearing aids: If hearing loss hinders your daily activities, hearing aids can amplify sounds, enhancing communication. Discuss with your audiologist about the best options.
  • Adopt hearing techniques: Improve your listening experience by facing speakers, reducing background noise, and asking for clarification when needed.

Where can I discover more about my hearing health?

Please check out our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing blog.

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Begin Your Journey to Better Hearing in Broken Arrow!

Embark on an exciting quest for improved hearing at our hearing center in Broken Arrow, OK. Join forces with our empathetic team to unravel your hearing challenges and precisely adjust your hearing aids for an enhanced quality of life. Seize the opportunity to dive into a world of clear sound and uplift your life with American Hearing + Audiology!

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