Tips for Communicating if You Have Hearing Loss

By |2023-01-24T13:37:07-07:00January 5, 2023|Hearing Loss|

Communicating with hearing loss can be challenging. Hearing loss reduces capacity to hear and process speech as well as sound which can make it tough to have conversations. Have you felt excluded during a conversation or had trouble keeping up with what your loved ones [...]

Start Your New Year with Better Hearing!

By |2023-01-17T10:40:48-07:00December 30, 2022|Hearing evaluation, Hearing health, Hearing Loss, Hearing treatment|

The new year is a wonderful invitation to recommit to your health and wellness. A great way you can do this is prioritize your hearing which is often an under-recognized aspect of overall health. Hearing is a critical sense that we use to navigate everyday [...]

How Untreated Hearing Loss Interferes with Your Relationships

By |2023-01-17T10:41:05-07:00December 15, 2022|Hearing health, Hearing Loss|

Hearing is a critical sense we use to navigate everyday life and relationships. So when it is impaired, the effects can be profound. Nearly 1 in 6 people already live with some degree of hearing loss and this is expected to increase. Hearing loss reduces [...]

Treating Hearing Loss Helps You Stay Socially Connected

By |2023-01-17T10:41:19-07:00December 5, 2022|Hearing health, Hearing Loss|

An often under-recognized impact of untreated hearing loss is social withdrawal. Hearing loss produces a range of symptoms that make it challenging to navigate conversations. Strained communication often leads to avoiding conversations as much as possible to cope with hearing loss. This causes social withdrawal [...]

Nutrients That Can Support Your Hearing Health

By |2023-01-17T10:41:32-07:00November 29, 2022|Hearing health, Hearing Loss|

Hearing is something we don’t often think about but it is essential to how we navigate daily life and our relationships. Hearing health tends to be taken for granted until one experiences decline. Over 48 million, nearly 1 in 8, people are impacted by hearing [...]

Why You Should Treat Your Hearing with Us!

By |2023-01-17T10:41:41-07:00November 14, 2022|Hearing Loss, Hearing treatment|

Experiencing hearing loss can be overwhelming. Nearly 1 in 8 people have some degree of impaired hearing but only a third of people who could benefit from treatment actually receive it. Untreated hearing loss symptoms can take a toll on communication, relationships, social engagement, and [...]

This November, Test Your Hearing in Honor of American Diabetes Month

By |2023-01-17T10:41:52-07:00November 3, 2022|Uncategorized|

American Diabetes Month is a global campaign that raises awareness about the disease and the wide range of resources available to prioritize your health. The American Diabetes Association estimates that 38 million people have diabetes in the United States and 1.5 million people are diagnosed [...]

Avoiding Hearing Tests Could Make the Problem Much Worse

By |2022-11-26T07:50:08-07:00October 16, 2022|Hearing health, Hearing Loss, Hearing treatment|

If you know that you have hearing loss but have not taken action to pursue treatment, you might be making your problems much worse. Hearing loss is not an isolated condition. On the contrary, failing to address your hearing loss can be part of a [...]

How Treating Hearing Loss Improves Your Relationships

By |2022-10-13T13:14:26-07:00October 1, 2022|Hearing evaluation, Hearing health, Hearing Loss, Hearing treatment|

When we ask relationship experts if they could recommend one way to improve relationships, a common theme emerges. Healthy relationships rely on good communication, and couples’ therapists and other experts agree that miscommunication underlies many other relationship issues. By definition, a relationship is a communication [...]


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