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A TPA is the acronym for third-party administrator. TPAs manage hearing benefits for insurance companies.

What’s the Process for Using United Hearing Healthcare Benefits?

  1. Call American Hearing + Audiology to book a United Hearing Healthcare appointment. Our specialists can discuss your benefits and make an appointment at your preferred American Hearing + Audiology location
  2. A crucial part of your consultation will be a thorough hearing evaluation. Then, your provider will explain the results and help you choose the best hearing aids for your lifestyle.
  3. We will order your hearing aids and handle your insurance claims.
  4. At your next visit, your provider will fit your new devices and teach you how to use them. 
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United Healthcare vs. United Healthcare Hearing: What’s the Difference?

United Healthcare is a major health insurance company that has employer-based, Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and individual health plans. United Healthcare Hearing is a TPA owned by United Healthcare that administers some, but not all, of its hearing benefits. Depending on your plan, your hearing coverage may be through United Healthcare or United Healthcare Hearing. Fortunately, American Hearing + Audiology is a participating provider with both plans. 

United Healthcare Hearing Aid Providers Near Me

United Healthcare Hearing providers work with the rates and options required by United Healthcare Hearing so that you can get high-quality hearing care at an affordable price. American Hearing + Audiology is proud to be a member of the United Healthcare Hearing and United Healthcare networks at our Kansas City hearing centers, Lincoln hearing center, Omaha hearing centers, Tulsa hearing centers, Little Rock, and Memphis hearing centers.

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How Does United Healthcare Hearing Work With My Insurance Plan?

It depends on your specific plan. Since we are in-network with United Healthcare Hearing, our specialists can help you understand the benefits of your particular plan. Hearing care coverage from United Healthcare Hearing typically includes hearing evaluations and deep discounts on hearing aids and hearing aid fittings. 

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United Healthcare Hearing Aids Coverage

The cost of hearing aids covered by United Healthcare Hearing varies based on several factors. These include the specific United Healthcare plan, as different plans offer various levels of coverage, some with a network of preferred providers offering pre-negotiated prices and others with fixed allowances or copayments. The type and features of the hearing aids also affect the price, with basic models typically costing less than advanced models equipped with features like directional microphones, tinnitus masking, or Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, your hearing loss’s severity and specific needs will impact the cost. While United Healthcare’s website does not provide specific price ranges, the coverage can vary widely. For example, individual and family plans might cover up to $2,000 per ear every 36 months, suggesting device costs ranging from $1,000 to $2,000 each. Medicare Advantage Plans generally do not cover the devices themselves. Still, they may cover hearing evaluations, and some plans may provide coverage through network providers with copays between $375 and $1,425 per hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Brands Covered by United Healthcare Hearing

United covers many hearing aid brands, depending on your plan. Plans cover prescription hearing aids from Phonak, Unitron, Starkey, Signia, and Resound. Not all plans cover all of the listed brands. However, our specialists can help you determine which brands are covered under your specific plan. They also have their own private-label line of hearing aids called UHC Relate.

Are United Hearing Healthcare Devices Locked?

UHC Relate hearing aids are locked, which means they can only be serviced at a Relate servicer. Unlocked hearing aids, on the other hand, can be serviced at any hearing center. Other devices from United Hearing Healthcare are unlocked. 

What Is United Healthcare Hearing?

United Healthcare Hearing is a TPA for some of United Healthcare’s hearing benefits. TPAs handle benefits for insurance companies. United Healthcare Hearing manages hearing benefits for many United Healthcare plans. If you have a United Healthcare plan, you may have hearing benefits United Healthcare Hearing.

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How Does United Hearing Healthcare Compare to Other Hearing Options?

*This table is based on research conducted in March 2024. All information is subject to change.*

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We Can Help You Maximize Your United Hearing Healthcare Benefits! 

We want you to get improved hearing as soon as possible. Call our team to understand your specific benefits, and visit one of our centers to start your journey to better hearing. The United Healthcare Hearing providers at American Hearing + Audiology are excited to help you.