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American Hearing + Audiology is dedicated to providing top-notch hearing services in Tulsa and Broken Arrow, OK, making your journey to better hearing health both straightforward and enjoyable. Our hearing centers in Tulsa and surrounding areas are your access points to personalized hearing healthcare close to home.

We offer professional hearing services in our Tulsa and Broken Arrow locations. These include handling hearing loss, managing tinnitus relief, and creating custom hearing protection. Join our mission to enhance and safeguard your hearing with:

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Diagnostic Audiologic Testing

Discover your hearing capabilities with our comprehensive audiological assessments. We enhance your hearing profile for improved auditory wellness. Our tests sharpen your auditory profile for a precise approach to enhanced hearing. Essential elements include:

  • Pure-tone Audiometry: Performed in a sound-controlled environment, it evaluates your reactions to sounds of different pitches and volumes.
  • Speech Audiometry: It gauges your ability to perceive and comprehend speech at low volumes and in quiet areas.
  • Speech in Noise Tests: These mimic real-life scenarios in noisy settings to determine your hearing ability under difficult conditions.
  • Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Testing: These examine eardrum movement and reactions of middle ear muscles.

American Hearing + Audiology delivers relief from tinnitus discomfort through specialized evaluations and treatments. We use a blend of advanced technology and therapeutic techniques. Our approach focuses on earwax removal, hearing aids, and noise suppression strategies for effective tinnitus management. Here’s how we assist:

Earwax Removal: We expertly clear earwax blockages, which often aggravate tinnitus symptoms. This procedure can bring immediate relief.

Hearing Aids: These are highly effective for tinnitus related to hearing loss, whether from aging or noise exposure. They enhance hearing and mask tinnitus, making it less intrusive.

By integrating these methods, we aim to alleviate your symptoms and enhance your life quality.

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Start your personalized quest for the perfect hearing aids at American Hearing + Audiology. Our experts offer a 7-day risk-free trial, guiding you to a choice that fits your lifestyle, activity level, and preferences. We have four technology levels to suit different needs:

  • Premium Level: For active individuals in diverse sound settings, such as attending concerts or teaching in various classroom sizes.
  • Advanced Level: Ideal for those in busy, noisy environments, like overseeing grandchildren’s activities and providing superior performance.
  • Standard Level: Suitable for less active lifestyles, offering dependable hearing support in stable sound environments.
  • Essential Level: Designed for quieter lifestyles with minimal hearing loss and budget considerations, providing fundamental functionality.

We partner with leading brands like Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, Unitron, and Lyric, ensuring you have access to high-quality, feature-rich, and reliable hearing aids. Trust us to find your ideal hearing solution.

Patient-Centered Hearing Aid Fitting

Experience the best auditory experience with custom-fitted hearing aids precisely measured for you. Our advanced computerized measurements ensure an optimal fit. In our fitting session, which lasts around an hour, we conduct a sound test to understand your ear’s response to different sounds. This helps us fine-tune your hearing aids for ideal amplification. Next, we focus on comfort and a proper fit. It’s common for the aids to feel different initially. Our experts will also guide you in effectively using and maintaining your hearing aids, ensuring superb sound quality and comfort.

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Real-Time Speech Calibration

Experience tailored hearing aid customization with live speech mapping. This technique fine-tunes your devices in real time. So, we make immediate adjustments based on your feedback, ensuring the sound matches your unique hearing needs. Unlike traditional methods, live speech mapping uses actual speech sounds for tuning, enhancing effectiveness in real-world scenarios. It improves clarity and quality, providing a comfortable, natural listening experience. With this technique, you actively participate in customizing your hearing aid, achieving a sound experience that aligns with your personal hearing profile.

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Rely on our skilled team for maintaining your hearing aids. We service various brands and models, ensuring your device functions optimally. Moreover, our comprehensive maintenance services include regular cleaning, battery replacement, and software updates. We also conduct diagnostic checks to identify and fix any issues, such as sound quality degradation or connectivity problems. Regular servicing can extend the life of your hearing aids and ensure they perform at their best. Our team provides personalized care, advising you on daily maintenance routines and offering solutions for common problems.

Hearing Protection Options

Discover our range of custom-fit earmolds and earplugs, designed specifically for your hearing protection needs in noisy environments. Whether for work or hobbies, our tailored solutions enable clear sound reception without harming your hearing health. In fact, these bespoke products offer a perfect fit, combining utmost comfort with efficient noise protection. Stay actively involved in your activities while safeguarding your ears with our personalized earmolds and earplugs.

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At our centers, we specialize in professional, gentle earwax removal to enhance your hearing and comfort. Earwax serves a protective function, but too much can impair clear hearing. Our skilled team excels in the safe, comfortable removal of this buildup. We use advanced tools and techniques for efficient ear clearing, adhering to stringent hygiene standards. This procedure not only restores hearing clarity but also promotes ear health. Thus, you can rely on our experts for earwax removal, so you can enjoy clear hearing again.

In the Tulsa area, we’re fully committed to your auditory health. Our services range from preventive care to advanced hearing solutions and ongoing support. Experience our commitment to your auditory wellness. Visit our audiologists in Tulsa and Broken Arrow for all your hearing needs.

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In the Tulsa area, we’re fully committed to your auditory health. So our services range from preventive care to advanced hearing solutions and ongoing support. Experience our commitment to your auditory wellness. Visit our audiologists in Tulsa and Broken Arrow for all your hearing needs.

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