Success with hearing aids is both science (amazing technology) and art (your provider fitting you properly). There is one more important component to that success: you the patient. We talk about hearing loss treatment as a journey that takes you from your current state to a life of better hearing. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most on this journey.

  1. Talk with us: Share your difficulties, tell us about your activities, and describe your daily listening situations. This along with your medical history and test results, help our providers select the right device and fit it properly so that you have the ideal situation to achieve the best possible outcomes.
  2. Family: Its been said, when a person has hearing loss, the whole family has a communication problem. Those closest to you are often frustrated and want you to succeed as well. Bring your spouse to your appointments. They’ll get a better understanding of your hearing difficulties and learn strategies to help you succeed. We see it every day: the patient’s partner is more excited about the improvements at home than the patient.
  3. Your Attitude: People with a positive attitude about hearing aids become successful users. The benefits of improved communication with family, friends and co-workers are far bigger than your new hearing aid.
  4. Degree of Hearing Loss: Those reporting more hearing difficulties are more likely to succeed. They’ve faced more challenges and missed more conversations, so are more attuned to even the most subtle changes in hearing correction.
  5. Persistence: Hearing loss is typically gradual. Most often you aren’t even aware of what you’ve long stopped hearing: the crinkling of a newspaper, birds chirping, even the doorbell. It takes time for the brain to relearn these sounds and adjust your hearing aids to give you the best response to the world around you. Stick to it. Hearing aids never help if they’re left in a drawer.

Better hearing starts with you. Acknowledge that you are having difficulties that impact your ability to communicate. Call us or fill out the form below to schedule a complete hearing evaluation with one of our highly trained hearing professionals. A journey begins with a single step!

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