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Our independent hearing center in Blue Springs, MO, conveniently located just off Highway 7, is dedicated to providing exceptional auditory care. We pride ourselves on crafting personalized hearing solutions within a friendly and inviting atmosphere, delivering a comprehensive suite of services beyond hearing devices. Reach out to enhance your hearing health with us.

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1765 NW Burdett Crossing, Blue Springs, MO 64015


Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm
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American Hearing + Audiology in Blue Springs, MO, offers professional hearing services designed to guide you confidently toward better hearing. Starting with a free consultation, our hearing specialists conduct an in-depth hearing evaluation near me. They then provide personalized care, from accurate hearing aid fitting and tinnitus help to ear wax removal. Take advantage of our 7-day, obligation-free hearing aid trial featuring top brands. Try Phonak hearing aids, ReSound hearing aids, Starkey hearing aids, or Unitron hearing aids. Our comprehensive care continues with regular maintenance services like cleanings and adjustments, accessible via our affordable Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan or flexible pay-as-you-go options. Opt for American Hearing + Audiology for a full spectrum of hearing care tailored to your journey.

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Most Popular Hearing Health Questions

What are the causes of hearing loss?


Hearing loss stems from a range of causes, categorized into conductive or sensorineural types. Conductive hearing loss is due to blockages or damage in the outer or middle ear that impede sound transmission and can cause earwax buildup, fluid retention, infections, ruptured eardrums, otosclerosis, or tumors. On the other hand, sensorineural hearing loss results from inner ear damage or disrupted nerve pathways to the brain, often due to aging, loud noise exposure, ototoxic medications, head trauma, Meniere’s disease, or genetics. In some instances, individuals may experience a mixed hearing loss, combining conductive and sensorineural elements.

How do waterproof hearing aids work?


Waterproof hearing aids utilize watertight seals, nano-coatings, and internal membranes to shield their components from water and moisture, adhering to the IP rating system for dust and water resistance. For instance, hearing aids rated IP68 are dustproof and can withstand submersion in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes. Notable waterproof models include the Phonak Audéo Life, ReSound OMNIA, and Starkey Livio Edge AI, all boasting an IP68 rating and advanced features such as connectivity, focus in noisy settings, artificial intelligence, and lengthy battery life, enhancing the hearing experience even in wet conditions.

How can I learn more about hearing health?

You can check out our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing blog

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Embark on your journey to improved hearing at our hearing center in Blue Springs. Our devoted team is on hand to meet your auditory needs, from diagnosing the cause of your hearing loss to getting you the best hearing protection. We also handle all aspects of getting hearing aids in Kansas City. Don’t delay—discover the joy of clear hearing and enhance your quality of life with American Hearing + Audiology!

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