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Our Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan

When it comes to hearing solutions, American Hearing + Audiology stands as a trusted provider, offering premier services to individuals with hearing challenges. Understanding the importance of continued care and support, American Hearing + Audiology has introduced the Concierge Service Plan, a hearing aid service plan that provides comprehensive assistance to those in need. With a team of dedicated hearing aid specialists and advanced hearing aid technology, this hearing aid service plan aims to ensure optimal hearing health and long-term satisfaction for individuals seeking a complete hearing care experience.

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Hearing Aid Service Plan Pricing

At American Hearing + Audiology, accessibility to quality hearing care is a top priority. By signing up for the concierge service, hearing-impaired individuals gain access to a range of essential services at no additional charge, making it an economical and valuable choice for their hearing care needs.

  • Monthly: $35/Month – month-to-month, auto-renewal, and auto-debit.
  • Annually: $375/Year – auto-renewal and auto-debit.

What’s Included

With a focus on delivering personalized care, here are the key services included in the plan:

  • Annual Hearing Test — $120 Value

    Regular hearing tests are essential to monitor hearing health and detect any changes in auditory abilities. 

  • Additional Diagnostic Tests (as needed) — $120 Value

    In certain cases, additional diagnostic tests may be required to gain a deeper understanding of an individual’s hearing needs.

  • Office Visits* — $195 Value

    The concierge service plan provides unlimited in-office visits to hearing care professionals. This allows individuals to seek guidance, address concerns, and receive personalized support on their hearing journey whenever needed. *These services are recommended every three to six months.

  • Programming Adjustments — $120 Value

    Hearing aid technology continues to evolve, and programming adjustments are often necessary to optimize the performance of the devices.

  • Hearing Aid Real-Ear Verification — $65 Value

    To verify the output of hearing aids matches the individual’s audiogram, American Hearing + Audiology includes hearing aid real-ear verification. This precise calibration ensures that hearing aids provide accurate amplification according to each person’s specific hearing needs.

  • Hearing Aid Loaners During Repair — $65 Value

    Should hearing aids require repair and need to be sent to the factory, the concierge service plan offers the convenience of loaner hearing aids. This ensures that individuals can continue their daily activities without disruptions in their hearing abilities.

Hearing service plan options like exams and fittings.
  • Ongoing Bluetooth Support — $65 Value

    The concierge service plan provides assistance with Bluetooth connectivity, ensuring seamless integration with compatible devices for enhanced communication and enjoyment.

  • Up to Two Irrigation Visits Per Year — $65 Value

    For individuals who may require ear irrigation to remove excess wax or debris, the concierge service plan includes up to two visits per year.

  • Batteries — $80 Value

    Our hearing aid service plan includes the provision of hearing aid batteries, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for optimal hearing aid performance.

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  • Wax Traps — $40 Value

    With the concierge service plan, individuals receive wax traps, a vital component that helps prevent wax buildup in the hearing aids, maintaining their functionality.

  • Ear Domes — $15 Value

    Ear domes play a crucial role in providing a comfortable and secure fit for hearing aids to ensure a better hearing experience.

  • Two Receiver Replacements Per Year — $250 Value

    We offer two hearing aid receiver replacements to ensure individuals can maintain consistent and reliable hearing aid functionality.

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Plus Discounts on Any Outside Vendor Expenses

American Hearing + Audiology’s Concierge Service Plan extends its benefits beyond the included services. With this plan, individuals can enjoy the following discounts on outside vendor expenses, such as:

  • Extended Warranty for $100 per Aid for Aids < Five Years
  • Save $50 Off of Regular Repair Costs
  • 10% Discount on Earmolds, Receiver Molds & Replacement Mics

By providing affordable services, including a wide range of in-office visits and essential support, this plan ensures that individuals can optimize their hearing health and enjoy the benefits of premier hearing aids. Contact American Hearing + Audiology now to learn more about the concierge service plan and discover how it can transform your hearing care journey.

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