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Located on SW Blue Parkway, nestled between SW 2nd St. and SW 3rd St., our hearing center in Lee’s Summit provides exceptional hearing care. We focus on bespoke hearing solutions in a friendly setting, delivering comprehensive hearing services beyond just devices. Reach out to us for enhanced hearing health.

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At American Hearing + Audiology in Lee’s Summit, MO, we provide professional hearing services designed to guide you to better hearing confidently. Our services, starting with a free consultation, include extensive hearing evaluations and custom-tailored solutions such as precise hearing aid fittings, tinnitus relief, and earwax removal. Experience our services with a 7-day, obligation-free trial featuring leading hearing aid brands like:

For sustained hearing aid maintenance, we offer cleaning and adjustment services accessible via our cost-effective Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan or on an as-needed basis. Opt for American Hearing + Audiology in Lee’s Summit for all-encompassing care on your path to better hearing.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the treatment for sensorineural hearing loss?


Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL), the most prevalent type of hearing impairment, stems from damage to the inner ear or the neural pathways linking the inner ear to the brain. Although SNHL cannot be cured, various treatments are available to enhance hearing and communication abilities. Hearing aids, customizable electronic devices that boost sound levels, can significantly aid those with SNHL in better hearing.

A treatment’s suitability depends on the severity of hearing loss, personal needs, lifestyle, and treatment affordability. Individuals with SNHL can also adopt strategies to manage their condition and elevate their life quality. Assistive listening devices like personal amplifiers, FM systems, and captioning can improve hearing in noisy settings. Effective communication tactics are also beneficial, such as facing speakers, requesting clear speech, and notifying others about their hearing loss. Additionally, protecting the remaining hearing through noise avoidance and earplug use is crucial. With these measures, those with SNHL can bolster their communication skills and lead vibrant, active lives.

What qualities should I look for in hearing health centers?


Selecting a hearing health center requires attention to several key aspects, such as expertise, with professionals well-versed in diagnosis, treatment, and the latest hearing technologies. A comprehensive range of services should be available, encompassing hearing assessments, aid fittings, programming, and auditory rehabilitation, all tailored to individual hearing loss types. The center must prioritize patient-centered care, focusing on your unique concerns and collaborating with you to create an optimal treatment plan. Affordability is also essential, with reasonable hearing aid costs, financing options, and acceptance of various insurance plans. Location and appointment scheduling convenience add to the center’s appeal. Beyond these qualities, the center’s reputation, the ambiance, and your comfort with the staff and environment should guide your choice. By weighing these elements, you can find a hearing health center that aligns with your needs and ensures a comfortable, confident care experience.

Where can I learn more?

Please check out our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing blog

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