100% Invisible Natural Sound

Extended Wear Hearing Aid

Lyric hearing aids by Phonak are the world’s first and only 100% invisible, extended-wear hearing device that delivers natural sound. This means that your hearing aids can be worn 24/7, around the clock, for months at a time. You’ll experience incredible sound minus the challenges of traditional hearing devices. Imagine: No batteries to change, no maintenance needed, no daily insertion or removal is required. Just hassle-free hearing.

*only the Kansas City Area Offices takes lyric patients!

Lyric Hearing Aids

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If you’re experiencing moderately-severe hearing loss, Lyric hearing aids are designed to fit you. Additionally, they’re particularly supportive of people with active lifestyles. You can wear them while playing sports, sleeping, wearing earphones or a helmet and even while in the shower. Plus, they’re easy to use. You can enjoy quality hearing for months at a time once they’re fitted. You’ll never have to change their battery. Although they are fitted inside the ear canal, Lyric hearing aids do not require a medical procedure. And, if necessary, you can adjust the volume or remove the device on your own with a tool called SoundLync.

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