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Situated near the medical center, right off I-35 at 75th St., our independent hearing center in Shawnee Mission provides outstanding auditory care. We specialize in customized hearing solutions in a welcoming environment, offering a complete range of hearing services beyond mere devices. Contact us to improve your hearing health.

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8901 W. 74th Street, Suite 147, Merriam, KS 66204


Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 5pm
Friday, 8:30am – 1pm


*Must be 13 years or older to book online.

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At American Hearing + Audiology in Shawnee Mission, KS, we provide professional hearing services to confidently navigate your path to better hearing. Our expert audiologists offer comprehensive hearing evaluations and tailor solutions to your needs, including precise hearing aid fittings, tinnitus relief, and ear wax removal—all starting with a complimentary consultation. Discover our trial program, allowing a 7-day, risk-free test with leading hearing aids in Kansas City, including:

We also cater to ongoing care needs with services like cleanings and adjustments, available through our affordable Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Choose us for comprehensive care on your journey to improved hearing.

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FAQs on Hearing

in Shawnee Mission

What does an audiologist do?


Audiologists are healthcare professionals skilled in diagnosing and managing hearing and balance issues across all age groups, aiming to enhance communication and life quality. They conduct hearing tests to identify and gauge hearing loss, administer balance assessments for disorders like vertigo, and specialize in fitting and programming hearing aids. Additionally, they offer tinnitus management and auditory rehabilitation, including strategies for coping with challenging listening environments. Their work is pivotal in enabling individuals with auditory and balance challenges to engage fully in life.

Can hearing aids help with tinnitus?


Hearing aids may relieve tinnitus by amplifying ambient sounds and masking the condition’s internal noise, sometimes even using white noise for distraction. They’re particularly beneficial for those with concurrent hearing loss, improving both auditory clarity and sleep quality, stress levels, mood, social engagement, and overall quality of life. Consulting with an audiologist experienced in tinnitus treatment is crucial for selecting and programming the appropriate hearing aids to manage tinnitus effectively.

How can I discover more about hearing health?

Please check out our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing blog

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Launch into your quest for better hearing by coming to our hearing center in Shawnee Mission, KS. Our dedicated team is eager to fulfill your hearing needs, whether it’s investigating the root of your hearing loss or precisely calibrating your hearing aids for peak performance. Wait no longer—experience the joy of crisp sound and uplift your quality of life with American Hearing + Audiology!

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