Our Hearing Care Services

For years, American Hearing + Audiology has been committed to providing top-quality hearing care services. Our team of experienced audiologists and hearing care professionals pride themselves on ensuring that each patient receives the best possible care and achieves optimal hearing health.

When you visit one of our clinics, you can benefit from a comprehensive range of services designed to help patients improve their hearing and overall quality of life. Discover our hearing care services below, then contact us to find out how we can help you.

Free Trial

Absolutely Free Trial
We allow you to try the latest models of hearing aids with our absolutely free trial. No money down or obligation to purchase.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Warranty, Cleaning, Tune-Ups
We keep your hearing aids running, with a full manufacturer’s warranty, regular cleaning, and tune-ups, and we also do hearing aid repairs.

Hearing Aid Price Match

Price Match Promise
You get the right hearing aids for you at the absolute best price – no other audiologist sells for less.

12 Month No Interest Financing
Most Advanced Technology
Most Qualified Experienced
No Charge Consult & Screening
Numerous Hearing Aid Brands
All Makes And Models Serviced
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No-Charge Consultations & Screenings

We understand that many people can be hesitant about getting their hearing checked. That’s why we offer no-charge consultations and screenings to help put your mind at ease. Our audiologists will thoroughly evaluate your hearing and offer personalized recommendations to help improve your hearing ability. These consultations are informative and stress-free. They are the first step in our hearing care services that help you take that important initial step toward better hearing.

Moreover, if we determine that a hearing aid could benefit you, we allow you to try the latest hearing aid models with no strings attached. You can test one out for seven days with absolutely no money down or obligation to purchase. From Phonak and ReSound to Starkey and Lyric, we carry the best selection of advanced hearing aids, letting you find the model that works best for your hearing needs.

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Warranty, Cleaning, Tune-Ups

If you’re already wearing hearing aids, American Hearing + Audiology offers many services that can benefit you. So, our team can provide regular cleanings and adjust your hearing aid settings. We even perform diagnostic tune-ups to help prolong the life of your device.

Of course, we conduct these in accordance with each hearing aid manufacturer’s warranty policy. This means that many of our patients don’t pay a dime for these services. If you think your hearing aid could use some maintenance or adjustments, we encourage you to set up an appointment at one of our convenient locations.

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Price-Match Promise

For many patients suffering from hearing loss, tinnitus, or other audiology conditions, hearing care services can be prohibitively expensive. This can prevent you from getting the care you need. At American Hearing + Audiology, we seek to change that, starting with our own pricing.

We offer a price-match promise, which means that you’re guaranteed to get the right hearing aid for you at the absolute best price. Not only that, but we also offer 12-month, 0% financing on our hearing aids. Your budget should never be a barrier to hearing better, and at American Hearing + Audiology, it won’t be.

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The Best Audiology Solutions Available

At American Hearing + Audiology, we’re committed to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in audiology technology. We offer a wide selection of hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. We want you to have easy access to the most effective solutions for your hearing needs. Our network of hearing care providers includes renowned audiologists and skilled hearing specialists. In fact, all of them can connect you with hearing aids and other treatments that can improve your hearing.

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Visit One of Our Hearing Centers Today

Our philosophy is simple: everyone should have access to quality, affordable hearing care services. That’s why we offer no-charge consultations and screenings. Also, we provide comprehensive hearing aid maintenance services, a price-match promise, and more to all of our patients.

If you’re ready to begin hearing better, please reach out to us. The team at American Hearing + Audiology is here to answer all of your questions. We have multiple locations across the country that you can visit at your convenience. Schedule an appointment today and begin living your life to the fullest!

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