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Our hearing center in Liberty, located near Highway 291 at the junction of Clayview Dr. and Landmark Ave., focuses on personalized hearing solutions in a hospitable setting. We offer a full spectrum of auditory services beyond just devices to exceed your expectations. Get in touch for superior hearing care.

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At American Hearing + Audiology in Liberty, MO, we deliver professional hearing services designed to guide you confidently on your hearing improvement path. Begin with a no-cost consultation and hearing evaluation near me to facilitate your journey to auditory clarity. Our experienced audiologists perform detailed hearing checks and tailor services to meet your needs, including precise hearing aid fittings, tinnitus relief, and gentle earwax removal.

Test out our range of hearing devices with a seven-day trial from top brands like ReSound, Starkey, Phonak, and Unitron hearing aids. We also offer comprehensive hearing aid maintenance, including regular cleanings, adjustments, and tuning. For continuous care, select our Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan for an affordable monthly or yearly fee, or choose a pay-per-service option for optimal hearing aid performance. Choose American Hearing + Audiology to experience the joy of better hearing with hearing aids in Kansas City.

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Common Hearing Health Questions

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What is the best treatment of hearing loss?


The approach to treating hearing loss varies based on its type and severity, with conductive and sensorineural being the main categories. Conductive hearing loss, resulting from blockages or damage in the outer or middle ear due to earwax, fluid, infections, ruptured eardrums, or bone hardening, is often treatable with ear wax removal, medications, or surgery.

Sensorineural loss, on the other hand, stems from inner ear damage or nerve pathway issues caused by aging, noise, certain drugs, head trauma, Meniere’s disease, or genetics. While it’s irreversible, treatments like hearing aids and auditory rehabilitation can improve hearing and communication. Hearing aids amplify sound according to individual needs. At the same time, aural rehabilitation includes therapy for coping with hearing loss, using hearing aids or cochlear implants effectively, and skills for noisy environments and lip reading. Additional self-management includes using assistive listening devices, learning effective communication strategies, and protecting remaining hearing with earplugs to mitigate loud noise exposure. These measures collectively enhance communication for individuals with hearing loss, supporting an active lifestyle.

What happens when you’re fitting a hearing aid?


A hearing aid fitting involves an audiologist assisting you in choosing and customizing a hearing aid for your specific needs. This process begins with selecting a suitable hearing aid, considering your hearing loss type, severity, lifestyle, and budget. The audiologist then programs the aid, adjusting volume, frequency, and other settings. They fit the device to your ear, ensuring comfort and security, and provide counseling on use and maintenance. To maximize the benefits of your fitting, communicate openly with your audiologist, ask questions, try various settings, wear your aids consistently, and attend regular check-ups. With the right care, your hearing aids will significantly improve your hearing and communication for years.

Where can I learn more?

You can visit our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing care blog

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