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Our hearing care providers are thorough professionals who care deeply about managing hearing loss so you have the highest possible quality of life. Together they have helped thousands live better through better hearing in the Kansas City, Lincoln, Omaha, and Tulsa areas. Our audiologists prefer the personalized care they can provide in a private practice setting that American Hearing + Audiology offers. They put you, the patient above all else, in a style reminiscent of yesterday’s traditional doctor-patient relationships. Find your nearest American Hearing + Audiology location, and tell us your story so we can provide the best hearing solution for you.

We hope you make American Hearing + Audiology your first and last stop.

Meet the team of highly qualified hearing care providers to choose from.

Kansas Locations

Kristina Cunningham
Kristina CunninghamM.Div., BC, HIS
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Wayne Wilson
Wayne WilsonBC, HIS
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Ken Wooten
Ken WootenBS, BC-HIS
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Matt Chanay
Matt ChanayBS, HIS
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Audra Alexander
Audra AlexanderAAS-HIS
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Sara Otte
Sara OtteAuD
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Zoë Riddle
Zoë RiddleHIS
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Chelsea Peterson
Chelsea PetersonHIS
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Missouri Locations

Linda Engelmann
Linda EngelmannAuD
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Billie-Jo Johnson
Billie-Jo JohnsonHIS
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Sam Keller
Sam KellerBA, BC-HIS
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Leo Dickson
Leo DicksonHIS
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Kristen McCorkle-Smith
Kristen McCorkle-SmithBS, HIS
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Randy Youmans
Randy YoumansBC, HIS
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Dr. Lauren Watson
Dr. Lauren WatsonAuD
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Nebraska Locations

Tim Weinreich
Tim WeinreichHIS
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Angela Grasse
Angela GrasseAuD
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Angie Eisenhauer
Angie EisenhauerBS, HIS
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Robyn Flammang
Robyn FlammangBS, HIS
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Oklahoma Locations

Stephanie Winfield
Stephanie WinfieldAuD, CCC-A
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Emily Lamp
Emily LampAuD, CCC-A
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Alicia Sparks
Alicia SparksAuD, CCC-A
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Karen Fernow
Karen FernowAuD, CCC-A
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Jessica Johnson
Jessica JohnsonAuD, CCC-A and F-AAA
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