If you’ve been stalling in exploring the world of hearing aids, then you are in for a surprise. Hearing aids have driven the world of micro processing power, creating smaller and more powerful hearing aids, which can amplify sound in ways that emulate those with normal ability. People have different hearing goals when they start to inquire what hearing aids may be right for them. Some people need to hear when staying active in sports or outdoor activity, while others need to hear so they can play or listen to music. Meanwhile others may want to hear in crowded public settings. The good news is that modern hearing aids offer features for everyone to enhance your everyday life and allow you to live the life you love. 

Hearing Aid Features

There are so many hearing aid features available at this point that it can feel overwhelming at times. The good news is that we are here to listen to you. When you come to us, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle and listening habits. This is to not only identify any possible further risks to your hearing, but to find out what features may best support you in your everyday life. By investing in the proper features for you, you can enhance the quality and enjoyment of your life, boosting confidence, staying active and being engaged. Here are some of the most popular hearing aid features out there today!

Rechargeable Batteries: There are still some hearing aids which require you to replace your batteries every couple of days, however these have been identified in market research by most users as a real hazard. Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries are quickly becoming the standard as you simply need to plug them in overnight to enjoy power all through the next day. First introduced in 2016, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries deliver a full day of use on a single overnight charge!

Tinnitus Masking: If you’ve ever been distracted by a phantom ringing or buzzing in your ears, which won’t go away, you know how frustrating it can be! This is the sound of tinnitus and aside from interrupting sleep it can increase stress levels and make it very hard to concentrate on the task at hand. While tinnitus can take on many different phantom sounds, many hearing aids today offer a library of masking sounds. You can choose the one closest to your tinnitus to enjoy masking technology which emulates noise cancelation.

Health Trackers: Due to your ear canal’s proximity to your brain, hearing aids are a great place to record accurate health data and fitness information. In just a few years, many predict that health trackers in hearing aids and earbuds may overtake the popularity of smart watches before we know it!

Bluetooth hearing Aids: Even with hearing aids, watching TV with your friends and family can be frustrating. However, with Bluetooth technology you can enjoy wireless streaming of your TV, stereo, Smartphone, or any other Bluetooth enabled device directly to your ears. Bluetooth uses shortwave radio waves and is standardized across technologies so you can interface with just about anything else with Bluetooth. Not only does this cut down on interference of other sounds but it amplifies the sound with the accurate programing based on your last hearing exam. This means that only the tones and pitches you struggle with will be amplified giving you ease and mobility in your listening experience.

Hearing aids for single-sided deafness

Single-sided deafness is a severe type of unilateral hearing loss, where a person has normal hearing in one ear and a hearing loss in the other ear. One study found that the prevalence of unilateral hearing loss among U.S. adults is estimated at 13 million people in the US. The good news is that CROS hearing aids are designed just for this issue. They send sound from your “bad” ear to your “good” ear, with the use of wireless audio streaming. Meanwhile if you have some hearing loss in the good ear, BiCROS hearing aids, similar to CROCS, add amplification to the good ear as well to accommodate for your degree of hearing loss on both sides.

There are so many more features out there! To find out which ones are right for you don’t hesitate to contact us today. Maybe it is time for an upgrade!