Tinnitus is the perception of on-going, repetitive ringing or buzzing in the ear. Some sufferers describe it as whistling, chirping, buzzing, pulsing, clicking, as well as ringing in the ears. One or both ears may be affected. The noise may be internal, heard only by its victim; or it may be external, heard by others as well. Some people live with it, aware of its presence but undeterred by it. For others, the sound they hear can be an on-going nuisance which they live with, constantly bothered by it but leaving it untreated. For still others, the sounds may be so bothersome that they are debilitating, interfering with work and sleep.

Tinnitus Treatment

While the cause of tinnitus is unknown and there is no known cure, there is hope for people that struggle with frequent ringing in the ears. Tinnitus is frequently a symptom of an underlying hearing loss. We effectively manage tinnitus with hearing aids that have sound masking technology. The end result is improved hearing, decreased audio irritants and improved quality of life.

If you or a loved one struggle with ringing in the ears or have had frequent exposure to loud noise, contact us for an evaluation.