The Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss Are Serious . . . But Avoidable!

The risks of untreated hearing loss impact more than just your ability to hear. They affect everything from cognitive health to overall well-being.

The Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss Include Dementia and Cognitive Decline

Ignoring hearing loss strongly links to increased dementia risk. Why? Social withdrawal lessens brain engagement while straining to hear depletes memory and attention. Diminished hearing reduces brain stimulation, critical for maintaining neural health.

Untreated Hearing Loss Has Mental Health Impacts

Untreated hearing loss often leads to depression, fueled by isolation and communication struggles. Anxiety may increase, with individuals fearing social missteps. Constantly compensating for hearing loss also spikes stress levels.

There Are Also Physical Health Concerns from Untreated Hearing Loss

Falls become more likely without the auditory cues needed for balance. Some evidence suggests a tie between hearing loss and higher cardiovascular disease risk, though research continues.

Quality of Life

Untreated hearing loss can isolate you, hinder job performance, and lower self-confidence.

Take Action Now To Prevent the Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

These risks aren’t inevitable. Early detection and treatment, such as hearing aids, can drastically reduce these dangers. American Hearing + Audiology is here to help. Schedule a hearing test with us today and take a vital step towards a vibrant, connected life.

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