Arkansas Hearing Care Services

Discover exceptional hearing care right in central Arkansas. We’ve crafted a range of top-quality auditory services, making your journey to excellent hearing health both convenient and pleasant. You no longer need to travel far for superior care. Our Little Rock, Conway and Sherwood hearing centers bring patient-focused care to your doorstep, ensuring your hearing health needs are met right in your community.

Whether it’s treatment for hearing loss, managing the challenges of tinnitus, or finding custom-fit hearing protection, our Arkansas hearing specialists handle all aspects of auditory care. Let’s explore how we can enhance, support, and safeguard your hearing together.

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Little Rock Hearing Aid Services

Advanced Hearing Evaluations

Explore the details of your hearing with American Hearing + Audiology’s in-depth audiological tests.
Our evaluations create a precise auditory profile to guide your path to improved hearing. The evaluations include:

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Pure-tone Audiometry
In a sound-controlled room, we measure your responses to various pitches and loudness levels.

Hearing Aid Cleaning

Speech Audiometry
This test gauges how well you hear and understand speech at lower volumes and in quiet surroundings.

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Speech in Noise Tests
Mimicking noisy environments, these tests determine how well you hear in less-than-ideal conditions.

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Tympanometry and Acoustic Reflex Testing
We examine the movement of your eardrum and the response of middle ear muscles.

After testing, we’ll review your audiogram, which shows the quietest sounds you can hear at different frequencies, marked in decibels of hearing threshold level (dB HL). Each ear is plotted separately, with hearing loss categorized from normal (0 to 25 dB HL) to profound (over 91 dB HL).

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Tinnitus relief

Understanding Tinnitus Relief

American Hearing + Audiology offers personalized tinnitus care, focusing on strategies like earwax clearance, hearing aid utilization, and sound masking techniques. Here’s a closer look at how we address tinnitus:

  • Earwax Clearance: Earwas buildup aggravates tinnitus. Our expert team gently clears away earwax, which can lead to an immediate reduction in symptoms.
  • Hearing Aids: When tinnitus is associated with hearing loss, whether age-related or due to noise exposure, hearing aids can be highly beneficial. They enhance hearing ability while simultaneously diminishing the prominence of tinnitus sounds.

Our tailored approach blends these methods to alleviate symptoms and enhance your daily life.

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Custom-Tailored Hearing Aid Experience

Start your unique journey with American Hearing + Audiology hearing aids. Our team of experts supports you every step of the way, including offering a 7-day complimentary trial for a no-risk evaluation. We assess your daily activities, lifestyle, and specific preferences to find the best match from our diverse range of hearing aid technology levels:

  • Premium Level: Tailored for those with an active lifestyle who need versatility in varied auditory environments, like musicians or educators.
  • Standard Level: Ideal for individuals with a more static lifestyle, looking for consistent hearing support in familiar settings.
  • Essential Level: Designed for quieter living situations, focusing on fundamental hearing aid functionality with affordability in mind.
  • Advanced Level: Optimal for dynamic, often noisy settings, providing superior performance for those with bustling lifestyles.

We offer products from renowned brands such as Phonak, Starkey, ReSound, Unitron, and Lyric, ensuring you have access to high-quality, feature-rich, and reliable hearing aids. Choose American Hearing + Audiology to find your perfect hearing aid solution.

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Hearing aid customization

Accurate Hearing Aid Customization

Discover the accuracy of tailor-fitted hearing aids at our center, where we use sophisticated computer technology for precise measurements. Our specialists are here to assist you in understanding the operation and upkeep of your hearing aids, guaranteeing the best sound clarity and comfort.

During the fitting, which typically takes around an hour, we conduct an auditory test to evaluate how your ears respond to different sounds. We then adjust the hearing aids, calibrating them to your unique hearing profile for the most effective amplification. Ensuring a comfortable and correct fit is our priority, and it’s common for the aids to feel a bit unfamiliar initially.

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Trust in the expertise of our dedicated repair team to keep your hearing aids functioning flawlessly. Our center delivers extensive and detailed repair services for all leading hearing aid brands. Our experienced technicians possess the necessary skills and equipment to tackle various repair challenges, ensuring your hearing aids perform at their best. We recognize the significance of dependable and efficient hearing aid upkeep for your peace of mind and auditory health.

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Hearing aid adjustments

Dynamic Hearing Aid Adjustment

Immerse yourself in the cutting-edge world of live speech mapping, a revolutionary approach that takes hearing aid customization to a higher level. This state-of-the-art technique involves adjusting your hearing devices in real-time, precisely shaping them to your hearing needs. As you respond on the spot, our experts fine-tune the settings, ensuring the sound is specifically crafted for you. Live speech mapping stands out from conventional tuning by utilizing actual speech to refine your hearing aids, making them more effective in everyday environments. This approach improves the clarity and richness of sound and guarantees a more natural and comfortable auditory experience. Through live speech mapping, you play a crucial role in shaping your hearing aid’s performance, leading to a sound quality that aligns seamlessly with your unique hearing profile.

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Dynamic Hearing Aid Adjustment
Personalized hearing protection

Personalized Ear Protection Solutions

Explore our range of tailor-made earmolds and earplugs, crafted to provide exceptional hearing protection customized to your needs. Perfect for those exposed to loud settings, be it through work or recreational activities, our specialized solutions guarantee clear sound reception without risking your hearing health. These custom-fitted earplugs and earmolds are designed for optimal comfort and effective noise reduction, allowing you to immerse in your activities while safeguarding your ears.

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Professional Gentle Earwax Removal Services

Our centers excel in expert earwax removal, offering a clear solution for those affected by excessive wax buildup. Earwax serves as a natural protector but can impede hearing when overaccumulated. Our experienced team is proficient in removing earwax with care and precision, ensuring a comfortable experience. We employ advanced tools and methods for effective ear cleaning, adhering to the strictest hygiene standards. This procedure not only improves hearing clarity but also promotes overall ear health. Rely on our professionals for a smooth and reassuring earwax removal process, restoring the pleasure of clear hearing.

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Gentle earwax removal

Hearing Services in Arkansas

In Little Rock, we stand as your allies in outstanding hearing care. Our services range from preventative hearing protection to cutting-edge hearing aid technology and ongoing support. Our dedication to your hearing health is evident in every aspect of our work. Consult with our team in our Little Rock hearing centers and experience the impact of our commitment. Discover your hearing services in Little Rock below!

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