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Situated at the corner of Blue Ridge Blvd and East 43rd St., our hearing center in Independence, MO,  is devoted to exceptional auditory care. We specialize in personalized hearing solutions in a relaxing atmosphere, offering a wide range of auditory services, not just hearing aids. Contact us for advanced hearing health care that exceeds your expectations.

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Kristen McCorkle-Smith

B.S., H.I.S.

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American Hearing + Audiology in Independence, MO, offers a range of professional hearing services to meet your needs:


  • Tinnitus Treatment: Targeted treatments and strategies to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.
  • Soft Ear Wax Extraction: Secure and soothing method to clear ear wax, enhancing hearing and preventing obstructions.
  • Hearing Aid Trial: Try out top brands like Phonak hearing aids, ReSound hearing aids, Starkey hearing aids, and Unitron hearing aids for seven days risk-free.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting: We tailor the device to fit the distinct shape of your ear and precisely adjust it according to your hearing loss for the best auditory improvement.
  • Ongoing Hearing Support: Benefit from perpetual services, including cleanings, tunings, and modifications for your hearing aid.
  • Adaptable Service Options: Opt for our Concierge Hearing Aid Service Plan at a monthly rate or select pay-per-service for persistent hearing aid advantages.
  • No-Cost Initial Assessment: Take advantage of a complimentary hearing evaluation to gauge your auditory health and consider possible treatments.

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Hearing Health Questions Answered

What is sensory hearing loss?


Sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) is the prevalent form of hearing impairment, constituting about 90% of cases, resulting from inner ear damage or disrupted nerve pathways from the ear to the brain. Causes range from aging, loud noise exposure, specific medications, head trauma, and Meniere’s disease to genetic predispositions. SNHL often presents as trouble with high-pitched sounds, muffled hearing, and sometimes includes tinnitus.

What kind of hearing aid repair services are there?


Various hearing aid repair services cater to specific issues, with common repairs including cleaning or fixing the earmold or earplug, which is crucial for sound quality and often susceptible to dirt and damage. Tubing repairs are also common, as damaged tubing can degrade sound quality. More technical repairs may involve the receiver, which turns electrical signals into sound and can cause malfunctions if damaged, and the microphone, which can become clogged or damaged, affecting sound amplification. Reprogramming is another service that enhances hearing aid performance, adjusting volume and frequency response as needed.

For more specialized needs, services extend to re-casing, which replaces the hearing aid’s outer shell, potentially due to wear and tear or changes in the wearer’s ear anatomy. Custom earmolds or earplugs can accommodate unique ear shapes or provide a more secure fit. Additionally, hearing aid dispensaries often offer battery replacement services to ensure uninterrupted hearing aid function.

Where can I find out more about hearing health?

You can visit our extended hearing FAQs and our hearing blog

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