Should I Test My Hearing? 

Hearing loss is much more common than you may think. It’s also commonly ignored. Studies show that 1 in 5 Americans know their hearing isn’t as good as it used to be, but more than half of them have never had their hearing checked. While it may not seem like a serious condition, hearing loss can lead to more complicated health issues down the road and have a negative effect on one’s well-being. If you find yourself straining to hear during conversations, or if you’re experiencing pain or ringing in your ears, it’s time to schedule a hearing evaluation.

What Does It Involve? 

Hearing evaluations, or tests, are assessments of your hearing by an audiologist, or hearing specialist. The purpose of a hearing evaluation is to determine the nature and degree of your hearing loss and the best treatment options. We’ll measure your ability to hear different sounds, pitches or frequencies through a number of painless, noninvasive tests — but primarily through your ability to hear certain tones and sounds through earphones. Our audiologists will then go over the test results with you and discuss what they mean for your condition and suggest treatment options. 

Test Your Hearing for FREE 

At American Hearing + Audiology, our focus is always on you, the patient. That’s why we offer a free hearing evaluation to help put you at ease regarding your hearing health and easily assist you in taking the first step to better hearing. We’ll take the time to hear your story and learn your challenges before recommending treatment. Are you still feeling hesitant about coming in for a hearing evaluation? We understand. We’ve created a free 5-Minute Hearing Quiz so that you can conveniently find out if you could benefit from a more in-depth hearing exam. Click here to begin.