How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?


After “Do I need a hearing aid?” we are asked this next question: “How much do hearing aids cost?” The short answer is it depends on what we want and need them to do. If we choose a stripped-down basic car, we know it will cost us less than a fully loaded truck with extra towing capacity. Hearing aid costs range from “basic” to “best” much like a car. It’s what’s inside that makes all the difference. The more we expect and need a device to do, typically the greater the price.

The main reason someone may be unsatisfied with their hearing aids, is because their hearing care professional failed to explain exactly what the hearing aid is capable of doing for them. One doesn’t expect the same level of comfort from a truck as they would expect from a luxury car.  Even when costs are similar, the functions and level of driving comfort vary tremendously from one to the other. When shopping for hearing aids, people should compare “apples to apples” just as they would when shopping for a car or truck.

Understanding Hearing Aids Costs

While some hearing aids cost more than others, it may not be the best one to meet a person’s unique listening needs. At American Hearing & Audiology, we take into account the hearing loss and the specific listening difficulties our patients encounter on a daily basis, and then we prescribe the best hearing aid to meet as many specific needs as possible.

If the “best” aid for a patient is not in their price range, we try to find a “good” one to meet as many needs as possible. The risks of untreated hearing loss are too great to do otherwise. Either way, we help our patients understand exactly what to expect from their new hearing aids. Remember, a pickup truck will not act like a luxury sedan. Knowing what to expect before purchasing hearing aids will help eliminate surprise from the “up and downs” patients experience on their journey to better hearing!

How We Help

At American Hearing & Audiology, we offer hearing aids to fit most budgets. A quality digital hearing aid can range from $950-$3,250. We work closely with several leading hearing aid manufacturers to provide the best hearing solutions at the best possible costs for our patients. Other things to consider when looking at costs, is what is included with the price. Our hearing aids come with:

  • Manufacturers warranty
  • 30-day risk free trial
  • Follow-up office visits for the life of the hearing aids
  • Free 1-year supply of hearing aid batteries

Some providers are like a no-frills airline: sure you got a cheap ticket for the flight, but then you have to pay extra for a boarding pass, water, carry on bag, preferred seating. Before you know it you’ve spent more than had you chosen the full service airline. We invite you to ask questions, know what you are getting. The best patient is an informed patient. Call us today, and we’ll help you find the best hearing aid for your hearing challenges, lifestyle and budget.

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