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with the sounds you have been missing!

Take this opportunity to find out if help is available. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, you can now see (and HEAR) the difference for yourself! During the dates listed below, your complete hearing screening will be performed Completely FREE of Charge!


  • FREE Hearing Screening
  • FREE Trial of New Hearing Aid Technology
  • $50 Restaurant Gift Card*

Jan. 23-25

You are cordially invited to our 3 DAY offer...

to have your hearing screened in the privacy of our office using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment.

You had your hearing tested over the holidays and didn’t even know it!

Have you (or a loved one) noticed any of the CLASSIC symptoms of a hearing problem?

Hear but don’t understand clearly, think people mumble and/or ask others to repeat themselves.

It has interfered with daily communication with friends and family… hearing problems effect everyone.

Avoid social situations due to hearing problems in noisy or crowded areas.

Have Hearing Loss?

Be part of our 3 Day Offer and get a FREE hearing screening, a trial of new hearing aid technology and a $5o restaurant gift card with purchase*.

Free 7 Day Trial at American Hearing + Audiology


As a selected candidate, you will receive a FREE Trial of New Hearing Technology.

Hearing Aid Technology Audeo B-R
  • Connects directly to electronic devices, including your TV and most smartphones
  • Rechargeable option avoids the hassle of buying or changing batteries
  • Many styles available, including nearly invisible options
  • Comfortable, customized fit
  • Automatic selection identifies unique sound environments and adjusts instantly
*Receive gift card with purchase of set of hearing aids valued at $2500 or over. Not valid on previous purchases.
Hearing Aid Testimonial Quote

“Staff was friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I learned more about what my hearing tests actually meant and/or told the tester… After the (1) one week trial I was so pleased to be able to “HEAR” I did not want to go another day without them!”

– Billie E.

Jan. 23-25

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