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If you’re experiencing hearing problems, and/or symptoms of tinnitus, we’d like you to field test the latest in digital hearing aid technology AT NO CHARGE.

Complete your 7-Day Field Trial and if you choose to retain your new instruments, you will receive a…

$50 Visa Gift Card!*

*One $50 VISA Gift Card per household applies. Not valid with prior purchases, other discounts or offers. Expires 5/10/18.

About the Trial...

The technology demonstrated will not be conducted in the controlled conditions of our office, it will be an actual Field Trial within your day-to-day living environment. There is no cost, and no obligation to buy.

Your appointment will occur in 3 phases, all at no cost to you:

1. Comprehensive Hearing Exam

A thorough ear examination will be conducted by a trained specialist. The presence of accumulated wax or any other blockage of the ear canal is easily determined, in fact you will be able to clearly see the conditions of your own ear – our office is equipped with a Fiber-optic Ototscope that magnifies the inside view of the ear canal. Any visible condition requiring medical attention is easily seen as well.

2. Hearing Consultation

We will perform a highly accurate hearing consultation, testing all frequencies throughout the speech range. If a hearing loss is detected, our specialist may also choose to perform a speech comprehension test. When complete, you will know precisely how your hearing compares to normal.

3. Hearing Aid Demonstration

If your hearing is impaired, and there are no obvious medical conditions present, you will then participate in the demonstration phase of the event. Advancements in digital technology now allow us to quickly program a hearing instrument to the precise requirements of each individual. You should experience, for the first time in years, crystal clear hearing that is as close to normal as possible.


If you complete our FREE 7-day field trial with retention of new hearing aids. Anticipated demand for appointments is high, so confirm your attendance as quickly as possible.

*One $50 VISA Gift Card per household applies. Not valid with prior purchases, other discounts or offers. Expires 5/10/18.

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