Hearing loss is usually gradual and is first noticed by things like the TV volume turned up loud or frequently asking people to repeat themselves. The hearing difficulties lead to frequent miscommunication. In the workplace effective communication with coworkers and customers is crucial to the success of the organization. Quite frankly, poor hearing impacts our ability to perform our jobs.

Hearing Loss Means Earnings Lost

In a study of more than 40,000 households, the Better Hearing Institute concluded that people with untreated hearing loss lose up to $30,000 in annual income. Most people assume that hearing loss is something people deal with in their retirement years, but the reality is nearly 60 percent of Americans with a hearing loss are in the daily workforce. The risks of untreated hearing loss affect all areas. The BHI study showed that when left untreated, hearing loss creates work performance difficulties, limits career advancement, and reduces overall income, which in turn negatively impacts retirement savings.

Hearing loss impacts earnings. Get your hearing tested at American Hearing + Audiology

The BHI study shows a strong connection between the level of hearing loss and unemployment for those who do not wear hearing aids. Those with severe hearing loss had unemployment rates (15.6%) double that of the normal-hearing population (7.8%), and nearly double that of their peers (8.3%) who use their hearing aids.

In the same study, BHI found that with cases of mild to moderate hearing loss, regular hearing aid usage reduces the risk of income loss by 90-100%. In cases of moderate to severe loss, the risk of income loss for hearing aid wearers is reduced by an average of 65-77%.

When in Doubt, Get Your Hearing Tested

If you are having difficulty with keeping up at work, take control of your situation and see us. We will thoroughly test your hearing and if hearing loss is detected, we will make recommendations for the most effective treatment. They key is treating your hearing loss. Not only will you improve your communication at home, but you can significantly improve your paycheck.

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